The Son

The son is part of a trilogy series.

A Christian doctrine of the Trinity defines God as three consubstantial persons- the Father, the Son(Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit – as “one God in three Divine Persons”. one of the pieces that the Brother did, where East meets West. He depicts the son in the form of Calligraphy character, the son in Chinese. He was very fond of this particular piece as it stayed his office,till finally it ended up in my hands.

Bronze, glass and granite base 20 x 209 x 58

The Son from the book the infinity.

In Chinese calligraphy the directional strokes are simplified and very often unified by different artists in their own way. I prefer to work to a unified pattern for the simple reason that a work of sculpture must hold together. So when it comes to a character like ( 子 ) I made sure to consult Hong Zhu Ah for the limits of the possible. I intend in future calligraphic in­spirations to make the sculptures more three-­dimensional. In chat context see my second, Son II where I give “depth” to the stroke, at the bottom, in particular. The consequence is that it will have literal significance only from one frontal view point. Otherwise it is a purely abstract form.

The founder of Lasalle SIA

About Brother Joseph Mcnally by Sharon Teng

St Patrick’s Art Deco chapel is a prewar architectural gem


Brother John Joseph McNally
De La Salle Brothers
By Mayo Genealogy Group

Brother with an artistic talent

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Chuan, calligraphic sculpture : general view

Tree of life sgh

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Chuan in the centre of Hotel Intercontinental

Blackhole in Lasalle SIA building in Mcnally Road

Resemblance of Brother Joseph McNally's Sculpture at LASALLE

John Baptist De La Salle
Lasalle at goodman road

Hope at NUH

Tree of elements at NUH

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Brother Joseph Mcnally is among those.

The son is in my possession now and I would consider selling it if the price is right, anyone interested in this piece of work. You may make your offers via the form below.