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Handyman Services provided here if you are wondering. The term handyman increasingly describes a paid worker, but also includes a non-paid homeowners or do-it-yourself. asks range from minor to major, from unskilled to highly skilled, and include painting, drywall repair, remodeling, minor plumbing work, minor electrical work, household carpentry, and furniture assembly.

In Singapore where 80% of us live in Public housing, and hold jobs that require the clicking of the mouse. Tasks like these are increasingly being outsourced. Anything manual is being outsourced to the local handyman, not that we are complaining.

Generally the job of paid handyman is low status, a semi-skilled labor job. It’s a less prestigious occupation than a specialist such as a plumber, electrician, or carpenter. With the emergence of large national chains, an effort is being made to change that perception, by emphasizing professionalism and the fact that a handyman is actually a technician with multiple skills and a wide range of knowledge. At the same time, unpaid homeowners skilled at repairs are valued for saving money.

Unlike many other handyman, I was originally from the IT industry. Being consumed by long hours and an extremely unhealthy lifestyle in front of a screen, I choose to jump in an age old industrial that falls back on the use of our hands hence the name :- Handyman.

Generalising the Task(Handyman services)

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Handyman & Furniture Assembly Service

Whatever the furniture you have bought, we can assemble, so please feel free to drop us a message,whatsapp 98771487 or sms. Be it our ever popular IKEA furniture or a growing trend of www.taobao.com , www.sgshop.com.sg , www.ezbuy.com buyers. All are welcome to send photos to get a quote. General Furniture assembly services are just one of the services among the handyman services.

handyman services - furniture assembly
handyman services - IKEA furniture assembly

Can your Handyman assemble IKEA Furniture?

Yes! You sure can. What ever you buy from IKEA, you are able to get a quote from us, by just providing the invoice circling items you require to assemble or provide the images of the finished product, images from the internet are welcomed too. Assembly prices are normally priced according to complexity of build. IKEA Furniture assembly services are just one of the services among the handyman services.


IKEA Furniture Assembly
IKEA Drawers Assembly
IKEA Beds Installation
IKEA Table Installation
IKEA Shelf/Shelves Mounting

I bought some taobao furniture, can a handyman handle this too?

Oh yes you can! Some furniture from currently popular site www.taobao.com does not include instructions or provide horribly poor instructions, hence prices quoted may vary again dependent on the complexity of the item. Taobao china Furniture assembly services are just one of the services among the handyman services.


Taobao Furniture Assembly

handyman services - TAOBAO furniture assembly
handyman services - drilling service

Any problems for a handyman to just drill some holes?

Yes we do. When quoted for drilling works, this is strictly for drilling and by no means include measurement, leveling or installations. Any exception to this, additional charges will apply. Standard drilling is for normal cement walls, special care needs to be taken to drill on partition walls and ceiling. mounting on such walls and ceiling are very different from our normal walls. Different prices apply for drilling on some tiles in the toilet and kitchen, some are known to taken several minutes for a single hole. Drilling of holes are just one of the services among the handyman services.

Can a handyman do the full installation of a kitchen?

No doubt, some can and some cannot. Please identify the configuration of the kitchen and what needs to be done, the relevant tools will be brought for such a task. Most handyman can general handle, minor plumbing, minor electrical, and definitely assembly work. But no two handyman are made alike. For task such as this choose one that has experience in completing the task. Putting up kitchens are just one of the services among the handyman services.


IKEA Kitchen Assembly

handyman services - kitchen specialist
handyman services - painting service

Can your Handyman handle painting jobs?

Yes we can. When required a handyman can take on the role of a painter and if time permits will work as a team or work alone, depending on the urgency of the job. Painting jobs are normally time consuming but are still among the handyman services provided.

Painting Services

Can just any handyman put on the plumbers shoes?

Check with the individual, some handyman are more inclined to certain trades than others. While some may be familiar but only scape the surface of each trade, hence checking with each individual on the full task is a must. Plumbing is but just one of the many services among the handyman services.

Plumbing Services

handyman services - plumbing service
handyman services - electrical service

A handyman can take on their electrical counterparts, can they not?

Well yes and no. Most electrical task at home are not exactly that challenging, to the exception of handling theĀ  change of fuse box. The average handyman can take on change of electrical sockets, change of location, adding new power point. Installation of light fixtures and fans on the other hand might not be taken on by all handyman. Considering the fact that electrical works are a professional scope, it is among the Handyman services provided.

Electrical Works